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Thread: Embedded Custom Search with Tables...

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    Lightbulb Embedded Custom Search with Tables...

    Hi everyone, im new to this place..
    I need to create, make, use, or whatever, a custom search.

    Here is what I want to do and possibly complete.
    Here is a (sample) of The "new" FreeBay. http://www.thefreebay.com/sample
    I want to put a search on the site that I can customize and add items to.

    Not a search with http links and titles, but one that could search for
    "free items in custom tables" and then for the results to appear
    embedded just like on the sample page.

    To get a clear picture of this.......

    I dont know about making the search engine to search for its results
    (free items) on the pages within the free bay, but an easier way would
    be to use a system that I could input the "items with tables" into,
    and the engine would search the text within the seperate custom
    tables/items, and appear them as shown on the sample. Just the items,
    that means the sponsors name, brief description, along with the rating
    and link.

    There has got to be something that can search for text within a 3
    column 2 row table and out put that table exactly as is.

    I hope this is all understandable. Please help me..


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    The easiest and most recognised way to add search functionality to your web site is through the use of a Database.

    You can store all relevent detail inside your Database and then construct SQL queries from the users input to extract data.

    SQL: Structured Query Language - The globally recognised language used to add, edit, update and extract data from a database.

    Andrew Buntine.

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