Here is the code i'm using to send email messages in VB. All messages are going to drop box - why?? Anything wrong with the code??Any extra setting to be made?? Also I am writing the mail contenet to a HTML file - which is created successfully.
Set objMail = CreateObject("CDONTS.Newmail")
objMail.from = "admin@ngvonline.com"
objMail.To = "shanthala@abmindia.net,ram@abmindia.net"
objMail.CC = "shanuragu@hotmail.com,shanuragu@yahoo.co.in"
objMail.Subject = strSubject
objMail.BodyFormat = 0
objMail.MailFormat = 0
objMail.Body = strMessage
Set objMail = Nothing

Also where on net can I get more info about drop/pickup.. etc
Very urgent plz help