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Thread: Top menu and the drop down

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    Question Top menu and the drop down

    I have a problem, some one please help.

    In the menu bar, I have 5 menu items which have drop-downs 'OnClick'. For example: I have a menu item: 'Studies', if i click 'Studies', i have a drop-down list consisting of 6 sub-menus, viz. MS, MBA, MIS,.....

    In the body of the page, on top part of the body, i have a select option, viz.:

    <select ...>

    My problem is, when I click on the menu item 'Studies' , the sub-menu items at the bottom are hidden behind the select option of the body.
    How can I bring them on top so that they are visible on top of the select option field.

    Please any one help me


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    Unhappy Sorry, there is no real help ...

    for what you are trying to do. As has been related many times before, you cannot cause a DHTML object to cover a form. Forms (as well as applets, objects, and embeds) are windowed objects rather than browser objects (like DIV, SPAN, etc) and are purposely given visual priority by the browser.

    Your only recourse is to move things or control the visibility of the form's container while the menu is active.

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