I would like to display graphs on an ASP page which are populated from data in a DB.

In the past I used Crystal Reports for this (someone created the report, and I just put the necessary links/scripting into the page).

I no longer have access to Crystal Reports (or the person who created the reports!) so that pretty much puts me back at square 1.

So OK, square 1.
What options are available for creating quality and dynamic graphs (other than Crystal Reports)?

I'd like to be able to use different charts types as well (line, bar, combo, 2-axis, pie, etc), but the bottom-line is that whatever kind of chart it is, it needs to look good.

Someone out there must be working with charts. I'd appreciate any advice that you can give.


(OH... not Flash. That's waaaay more complicated than what I am after. I've never used it and I don't think that I'm the Flash type)