Hello! I want to share my project here. Not sure is it a right place... anyway: here the link!

I love pixel-art and I think it is most honest art in the world, so one day (half year ago) I decided to make an API for this.
My project allow you to make pixel manipulations easy & fast. There are no third-party libraries and it even don't force you to use libraries. Everything is you need is just a one .js file!

I know, there are so many online pixel-art tools, but I say: there are no API for this. So, if you want to make your own tool - maybe you can try this one.

Currently it is under development and tests are not ready yet (also, probably, project has bugs).
Would be good if some of you just keep an eye on this and maybe some day (in near future) this will become really stable & safest API ever.

Thank you!

P.S. feel free to write your thoughts about this