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Thread: Server-side datagrid button confirmation

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    Server-side datagrid button confirmation

    I am trying to confirm if a user wishes to delete a record from a datagrid. The button occurs in different datagrids in either a template column or a button column. The confirmation must take place even if the user has disabled javascript, and should be handled server-side.

    Would anyone be able to point me in the right direction over this?



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    personally, I would have the button not delete the record, but redirect them to another page that askes for confirmation. You can do it with js, but then if the user doesnt have js, no confirmation, but if you back it up server side, you will be resending the page anyway. So you might as well just do it server side. Id either use a link with a query string with the file name in it, or use a server.transfer or a reponse.redirect with the query string.

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