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Thread: Must I know mathematics?

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    Question Must I know mathematics?

    I want to be a web-developer and work with websites, to know Javascript and PHP. So I started to learn these programming languages, I passed only few lessons of PHP and JS, and found that JS is more difficult to learn than PHP. At college we study Pascal, and all the hometasks are to program lots of mathematical formulas. And the problem is that I am very weak in mathematics. My classmates alwas say "you won't succeed in programming because you can't program formulas in pascal and make calculations, which is the easiest part in programming". So I want to ask you, professional web-programmers, I need your opinion, are my classmates right? If I am weak in mathematics, I must quit learning web-programming? When you work as a web-programmer, are there lots of mathematical calculations you have to program?

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    As with much in life, "It depends."

    Most basic web development probably only requires "basic" math, such as calculating sales tax on a web store. But if you get into things like finding the closest doctor to a potential patient's location, you might get into at least basic trigonometry or even spherical trig if you want to cover large areas. Complex data analysis (like might be used in a [good] dating site) could require a good grasp of statistical math.

    I personally have not had to do anything more than fairly basic math since the early 90's, when I did testing on a naval wargaming system, and had to do a bit of trig and some non-trivial algebra -- though I may be getting into some more complex data analysis stuff soon.
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    I though that I would have a go at brushing up on my coding and sought to take a Uni degree course only to be knocked back by the course tutor over not having GCSE or A levels in maths which he insisted I would need.

    Then given the bums rush by a careers advisor on how I

    a) didn't look enthusiastic
    b) current qualifications were worthless

    Anything over 4 years old (in the UK) you can wipe your 'A' with because you may have a degree in computer whatever but if its more than 4 years old, it aint worth tat.

    So I picked myself up and thought about just how discriminatory they were. Several people I have spoken to since have stated that my City & Guilds NVQ's I took a couple of years ago to bridge the gap were more than adequate given my passes were >82% for both Maths and English, highest scores that test centre had ever seen in the last 4 years.

    So... if you want to do any kind of programming these days, you are limited to mostly game theory and programming or take a computer arts / design / media studies and do programming as a hobby if you have no interest in game programming.

    So how serious do you want to get with your programming, you could do some courses at community college, college, night school, part time technology college or similar courses in your area or spend time at your library reading some books to give you a bit of background and DIY.

    If you are in the UK, I have been advised by my sister who is a school administrator that you only need to self teach yourself and you can pick an examination board, get an exam paper, pay the fee (30 to 60) and take an exam, get qualified.
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    Sorry, I can't clearly understand what do you want to say. Do you mean, college or univ degree is very important in programming? Or self-study is more important than a degree?

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