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Thread: I got promoted!

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    I got promoted!

    Hi all, I don't know if this question fits in here. I just need some advice on online management assessment. I got promoted as assistant manager and i wanted to improve my skills. I heard about online assessment/tool and i want to give it a try. Anyone here have tried it? Any inputs will be really appreciated. Thank you!

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    Hi and welcome to the site. My overriding feeling is that you should not try to run before you can walk! I.e. Your priority should be fitting in to the management structure. There will be plenty of time to revolutionise management practices when you have a firm understanding of present practices, their strengths and weaknesses.

    However, to answer your question: If you want advice on online management assessment then search Google (or Bing) for "Online Management Assessment". This is not the place (or the site) to discuss this subject.
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    Hello Daria_Cerezo, There are many platform are available over internet where you can get some advice on online management assessment then you can get some information on their also forum is a platform where peoples will help you then you can also discuss with us.

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    Hi Daria, I bought a supervisory training tool from HRDQ. I got it also when I was promoted but it was sponsored by our company. You can check their profile online.

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    I remember when I got promoted from supervisor to department head, it made no difference, I was still doing the same old stuff with new responsibilities as key holder, alarm call out person (being the nearest to the warehouse) and some extra paperwork on top of my already gut busting work load.

    In some respects, well done but also watch out...

    Reasons being that I have been around a bit, held various positions in different companies ranging from stevedore to department head and I have seen people promoted to be later fired on failing to perform...

    So the game change now is being one step ahead of your immediate and their immediate bosses by playing the 3 wise monkeys, See all, Hear all and Say nowt (nothing). That is how I survived, by seeing things happen or hearing about them and then being proactive and on the ball.

    So the question is this, have you been promoted to fill a gap, promoted in to a brand new position or promoted to be fired? Not wanting to rain on your bonfire or unnerve you but it pays to be wise.

    Good Luck with it.
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