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    Hello everyone,
    I'm new here so I just want to start with saying hello.

    I am student and have recently taken over my uncles website (his old web designer flaked out on him) to help him make some changes. I am new to this process and was hoping maybe I could get some help.

    He gave me access codes to his hosting site (it's an ftp site) looks like this ftp://ftp.companyname.net
    companyname is different I just put that there for security reasons.

    My questions are how do I go about starting to make my changes do I just open up the files at this site and modify the html files and save them.

    Also how do I make the changes live (meaning having my changes actually take affect when you visit the site)

    I am new to this process so I apologize. I have web design experience but not with managing the files or taking over another designers web page.

    Thank you for your time.

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    I'd recommend pulling all the relevant directories/files down to your PC (or a separate development environment elsewhere) to use as a development/test platform. Then replace the (changed) files when you are confident you have something that works well. Filezilla is a very useful tool for handling (S)FTP transfers.
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    Ok thanks I got the files loaded onto my machine. Now I have an issue on the home page when I open the index.html file it loads but has a spot on the page that is suppose to be an image that rotates with a php file, but it's just a blank space on the page that shows a small x and the name of the photo or php file.

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    hello, im new here to..welcome to us

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