Hello everyone,

I'm brand new to this forum and very grateful for the opportunity to post here. I've been trying to be more gratefu as of late, as I've found it to be very conducive for positivity and a growth mindset.

I've just graduated from Columbia University with a Master's Degree but shunning conventional wisdom and the 9-to-5 in search for more satisfaction and freedom. Going back to my days in China as an undercover investigator (I've even set-up shell websites to use in investigations of Chinese counterfeiters!) and Intellectual Property consultant, and over the span of my varied career in Venture Capital, setting up offices in Vietnam in the nonprofit world, and campaigning for a Silicon Valley mayor, I've developed and discovered a number of hacks and habits that have turned into a kind of personal philosophy. My entrepreneurial journey has started with monetizing this mindset by sharing it with the world. One of my greatest tools not just as a professional and student, but also as a friend (really), has been my off-label use of Modafinil. I'm sure this community has heard of the widespread use of this nootropic, but if you haven't I suspect that you will soon.

My first project has been to connect more folks like myself to Modafinil. I've just started but I have a beta site live and am starting to look for my initial customers who are mature, responsible, and able to use Modafinil for good. With that said, I'd like to ask the community the following:

-Might some folks be up to having a look my beta site and offering some suggestions on how to improve it?

-Might some experienced Modafinil users be interested in scoring some super preferential deals (I'm sure I can beat the service and prices of the bigger vendors)? Please private message for details or I'm happy to provide my email or phone number should you like to discuss.

-For developers who use Modafinil or some other nootropic, how do you find that it helps you with your work and career?

Really excited to get a discussion going on this!