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I am not saying use of metaphors are bad, it is when they use odd metaphors when I have to really think about what the heck the artist is trying to communiate to me. Okay, if zeppelin is straight forward then let me someone dysect their biggest hit: stairway to heaven.

You can write creative lyrics, with a creative subject, creative rhyme, neat aliteration, and metaphors, but when you write the lyrics just so your audiance has to sit down with the lyrics and dysect it is gay. This is not some shakespear or something.
I beleive Stairway to Heaven is about someone who truly beleives in human nature dying; that there were those who trusted, and they've all gone. You're just a lazy listener, Peo.
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*Strangles the mouse*

It's TRANCE and STAR TREK (TNG, DS9, VOY, ENT, not TOS)!!!
Look at the avatar... Does that look like an X-Wing to you??
Meh. What's the difference? BTW, what's an x-wing? And no, it looks more like a nerf ball.

I'd be scared to go to any kind of convention, I've angered so many geeks. I'd be attacked with fooking 1st edition wookie battle axes.