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Thread: Close to being done

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    Close to being done

    And thus wanting any feedback about anything. It seems fairly cross browser friendly in terms of modern borwsers.

    Any suggestions on cleaning up the CSS would be helpful because that's the main thing at this point. I was adding in a ton of CSS due to a certain issue that I solved by changing tha markup and thus, I could get rid of most if not all of the added CSS.

    The links to PDFs are missing, but those will be added shortly.

    The rest of the article page is currently static, but after the basic version is done, then that's when I'll add some PHP to make it a little more dynamic and easier to navigate as the list of articles grows.


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    Warning: main(location.php): failed open stream
    1 Not Valid

    2 I think your site looks ugly, i dnt like how it looks, theres nothing wrong how its layed out etc. but its colour scheeme fonts etc is towards my liking.

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    I'm not crazy about the background image. Also the navigation links could be difficult to read for some, dark text on a dark background (especially on Resume and Articles). Maybe reduce the opacity of the dropshadow on the top logo? The shadow is a little too strong for my tastes.

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    Originally posted by dera
    1 Not Valid

    2 I think your site looks ugly, i dnt like how it looks, theres nothing wrong how its layed out etc. but its colour scheeme fonts etc is towards my liking.
    1. Validation errors shouldn't be tough to fix.

    2. I don't know what you're talking about Dera, I think it looks good. Perhaps a small bit bland, but that's it.

    My only major critisism would be that I had to squint to read the Resume and Articles menu items. Other than that, good job

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    I am going through and changing the color of the text in the menus. The dark text on dark backgorund was something I thought about, but not enough to change it. After changing the color to something lighter, now I'm not to fond of the font. *sigh* I'll play with it and see what works better.

    I'll look into changing the logo. I tend to use Photoshop defaults on a lot of things, so that's something I need to work on changing.

    The background image isn't that great, but my Photoshop skills are lacking to put it kindly. I mean, I used a default shape that comes with Photoshop. I've thought about using a different color, but nothing has come to mind yet.

    The invalid code is based on the fact I grabbed the code from an old design and I forgot to validate it. I've got to where my own internal validator catches pretty much any now, but something I just copied and pasted wouldn't get the same kind of look over.

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    I like it! Nice, nice.

    However, I find that having the links in such a manner causes one to have to tilt his head to the side to read the links. I would, at least, add a title with the title of the link. I have no problem with the colors, rather with the fact that I have to really look at the links to figure out what they say, or tilt my head to get a good look at them. Imagine how it would be with someone who doesn't have very good sight...

    Lastly, it may just be me, but I don't know who Carla Jean Whitley is and therefore I don't know what the site is about.
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    Ok, I was using the alt attribute on the menu and in IE it was showing the text, but FF doesn't. I'm going through and changing that. The menu is based on the idea of tabs, she's a writer, and thus that's why they are done the way they are. It's layout design I've seen a number of times and I've been wanting to try it out.

    I wasn't 100% behind what she initially wrote for the home page either, but that can be clarified.

    Is there a way to space out the lettering in Photoshop? I am kicking around using a blackoutline around the light text in the menu, but so far it hasn't looked good. If I can't space out stuff, is there a good font to use so using an outline would look good?

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    Yes you can space text out in Photoshop. It's called kerning I believe in typography. In Photoshop it's in the Palettes menu of the Type tool (this may be different depending on your version of PS). It looks like an AV with an arrow pointing left and right underneath it. Increase the number value to space the text out, or decrease to squeeze text together.

    You can also just rasterize the type layer, then wrap a marquee around each letter, then Ctrl-T (transform) each one and move each letter around if you want to. Adjusting the kerning is easier though, but rasterizing and transforming gives you more control over each letters spacing.

    If you're looking for fonts, I've found some nice ones at:

    They also sell fonts there, but have tons of free ones as well. I recommend not using IE to browse the site, as I think it has a lot of popup ads.

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    I have PS 7. I went and decided that using stroke around the text wasn't going to work and using outer glow, but with a black glow would look better. I'm not 100% set with the look of the menu, but it's good for now.

    Text should come up on all of the menu links when hovered.

    Contact page should validate.

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    Not bad overall.
    My main complaint is menu.
    1. I would use some image replacement technique for the menu items. Those images look very silly on top of the page when styling is disabled.
    2. There is no indication within navigation which page user is currently on. I would consider coming up with a different graphic for the current page.

    Working web site is not the one that looks the same in a few graphical browsers, but the one that adequately delivers its content to any device accessing it.

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    sehr gut, nice simple design, however, as someone already says, the title doens't explain anything

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    Warning: main(location.php): failed open stream
    i also found nice font's at http://dafont.com and also http://1001freefonts.com

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    Originally posted by Vladdy
    Not bad overall.
    My main complaint is menu.
    1. I would use some image replacement technique for the menu items. Those images look very silly on top of the page when styling is disabled.
    Honestly, how many people are going to have styles disabled? If we are talking 4th generation broswers, then I don't really mind my way of doing it. NS 4 is used 0.5% at most and dropping. IE 4 is at 0.6% and dropping. Unless the person I'm doing the site tells me those browsers need to be designed for, then I won't. I'm sure I could show her the numbers and she won't care that much.

    If you want to talk about people who surf the net with styles diabled, then I also think that it a very minor number of people. Take the figure of 6% for people have JavaScript disabled. I can see why people would have JavaScript disabled. I don't see why styles would be, and thus the percent that have it disabled would be almost nil.

    Plus, wasn't the part of the basis for us pushing the use of CSS at this forum and having it disabled for older browsers pretty much us saying that even though it might not look pretty on older browers, it still functions without CSS? Well, it might look silly without CSS, but it still functions.

    Having the menu show the person is on a certain page is something I thought about, but I haven't really done yet. There's only four pages, it's not that easy to get lost within the site.

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    Still, if you CAN make the site more accessible with styles disabled, why not do it???
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