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Thread: Please review honestly

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    Please review honestly

    Hi to all

    I was wondering if some one out there could review my site for me.

    Could someone review my site's home page and member's area, like the general layout, user experience and techinal aspects of the site for me?

    Please be honest!


    Thanks for your time

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    maybe bullet those first few points, make some layers or colored boxes or something to distinguish your text, not too eyecatching. Just looked at homepage, isn't eye-catching enough to keep me reading through the whole thing. However, top part of page looks good.

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    contact us form

    For the Contact us link you may want to use email form rather than raw email to avoid getting spam.
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    http://validator.w3.org/check?verbos...archpages.com/ thats what I think of it. Its built all wrong. The layout will need to be completely overhauled to make it right too. You are nesting tables left and right, you can continue to use tables, but they must not be nested and they must be completely styled with css. The way I see it though, using css is better. I would reccomend that you redo the layout completely with css, and tighten up that doc type, 4.0 transitional, c'mon. You need to upgrade to xhtml 1.0 strict or xhtml 1.1. Your site will be more accessible, your code will be more organised, and you will save noticable amounts on bandwidth.

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    Looks pretty good, but as mentioned it's a little too wordy. Also the green text is a little faint, maybe try something darker? I'd also prefer a thin border around your header image. I know it has one but on the left it blends in with the image so it looks like no border. Maybe just darken the existing border so it doesn't blend in with the image as easily. I like the color scheme, but I'd maybe avoid repeating the 3 colored "MySearchPages" in the text so often.

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