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Thread: pizza question

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    pizza question

    I just have a question from my friend, i am not sure how to answer him. could your guys help it? How many pieces of pizza can be created when we cut the pie using 4 diameter cuts?

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    2^4 = 16

    How is this a .NET question?
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    Note that to get 16, you first cut to quarters, then pick up 2 opposite quarters and place on top of the other opposite quarters and use the 3rd cut to get 8 pieces. Do effectively the same to get from 8 to 16 with the 4th cut.

    If the pizza is to remain unmoved throughout the process, the best you can do is 8.

    In the future, post this sort of thread here http://www.webdeveloper.com/forum/fo...?s=&forumid=27 if you must post it at all.

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