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Thread: Complex "manageable" tables

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    Complex "manageable" tables


    I want to create complex table on webpage.
    Previously I used XML/XSLT solution. But it works good for static information. And I experience some difficulties with creation of "manageable" complex tables. Is there are any ready solutions? Probably there is some way to concatenate rows and cells in DataGrid like in HTML table (rowspan/colspan attributes)?

    Thank you in advice.
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    I would actually not go near a data grid, but rather use the repeater. This will allow you to be more hands on with the positioning of cells, you will have much more control. I can post some syntax on how to use it if you would like. The thing about the repeater is that it does not confine you to tables either, you can use <div> and any other elements you want and style things with css whenever you want. It gives you complete control.

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