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Thread: Mpeg file in ASP

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    Mpeg file in ASP

    Hey everyone,

    First thanks for having help me the other day (especially buntine), didn't have time to say that. But i'm having a new problem;

    how to play an mpeg file on an intranet wihtout downloading the file on the local computer?

    i need to put the mpeg file on the intranet which will be hosted on a Web Server 2003 and the users will be able from the intranet(i.e through a link) view the mpeg file only(i.e being able to watch a small movie for e.g), but this whithout being able to download this file on their computer.

    Please help, this is very urgent

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    You can't play a movie or show an image without downloading it. What you can do, is you can stream this mpeg through a .asx, but the user would still be able to save the file if he really wanted to. ASX is a very easy media stream to use, there are some full fledged stream servers that can make it harder though, that rtsp is a good protocal to use. Mac and real have good stream servers that I believe are free.

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