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Thread: IRC and Forums on my web not really appropiate?

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    Red face IRC and Forums on my web not really appropiate?

    I run a website at darksouls.uk
    It is meant to be a little project, a type of social-media-like website for Dark Souls players. However, on my online arrangements tab, which is not as popuplar as I had hoped I have an IRC chat channel for players to easily set up matches, and some forums for questions. I don't think these 2 methods I am using to try and accomplish players to try and reach out to each other through the internet is working. I haven't seen a single person online on the IRC channel. I also only have 1 post on the forums which has a total of 2 views, one of them being me, and no replies. Is there a more appropiate way to achieve my goal? Like instead of using IRC to use something else? If so what is it? How do I implement it? And if not, is there at least a way to speed up the methods I am using now? They take ages to load. Thank you all in advance

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    by Eugenetu

    In my opinion a IRC is an good thing for User who know what a IRC client is.
    You could if you like run you IRC Server now is yousing an Online ICR Client for everyone to enter your Server.

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