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Thread: <a accesskey="return"?

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    <a accesskey="return"?

    Is it at all possible to map a link accesskey to the return key?


    <a href="link.htm" accesskey="return">

    I've noticed that return will generaly actuate a submit button, but only if someting inside a form has been clicked on first.

    I can live with having to alt- a number or letter, but I'd love to be able to scroll through using the return key.

    Any Ideas?



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    that is a HUGE accessibility hazard. If you were to map an access key to return (which thankfully you can't), people couldn't tab through your links (because pressing enter on a link would not take them to the link they were expecting

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    Ah ok cool. I figured that was the case, but the client wanted a return key funtion similar to power point.

    html is not power point.

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