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Thread: Help with Student Project Web Development

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    Help with Student Project Web Development

    Hey guys, I am a student working on a digital product and some input from developers would be
    very useful.

    What are your main problems concerning back-end when developing an app (web or mobile)?
    What is your opinion when it comes to microservises and would you use them as a back-end solution?
    Would you buy already made and tested services offering already finished back end products with regular updates and menagment?

    Thank you very much,every answer is apreciated.

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    Hi and welcome to the site.

    I'm disappointed that you have received no replies to your post. For my part, I have never developed a mobile-specific app, so I can't comment.

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    you should start your work.. during the working you will face different problems.. then you should discuss here. I think this is not the way you are asking about the upcoming problems

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    What kind of help you need ? You may please start working on your developed. We can help you at the time of any issue you became facing.

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    Hi welcome to the site, For your 1st question you can read this article hope it would be help https://www.quora.com/What-are-your-...-web-or-mobile also you can visit Director and Lead Architect****** we ensure that your project is built properly from the get go.

    Thanks you!
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    very useful topic for neiwbee IT students.

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