Sorry for my Bad English...

I will make for me upcoming Homepage different Maps to show how where the different Bus, Railway Company,... operate.
What I realy dont want is G..... or Open Streetmap and other 3rd Party Websites. The make it even worse.

So I searched the Web and found that:
ok that's that first I found who look a littlebit that what I want but:
1) I need to show an lager area like my Country and Middle Europe! So I need to zoom in and out.
2) I want show different Routes where People can select an Start Point and see where the Lines end. When someone klicks on the other Point where he would go the Route should be in the Line Color and the other Routes turned into Gray. If the Trains/ Bus get divided the route where the Train contentious should be smaller than the Main Route.
3) In the best case scenario it work on Mobiles to.

Any idea whit an very very small budget?