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Thread: Finding the right category in Google and Yahoo

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    Finding the right category in Google and Yahoo

    Is there a trick to finding the right category in Google, Yahoo and DMOZ? I'm a freelance non-fiction magazine writer. I want to submit my site, but not only can I not seem to find the right category, my fellow writers are no help. Most of them are not technical enough to know what to do with their sites, if they even have one. I'm just technical enough to have figured out how to code my site myself in HTML and CSS but now I need help. Feeling sorry for me is welcome! I want to be listed as a freelance writer. I'm also a non-fiction book author, but I found a category for that. Also, is it worth the 300 bucks that Yahoo is requesting for Yahoo Express? Thanks.

    Linda Moran

    Linda Moran
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    Hi Linda,
    In my opinion, no, it is not worth spending the $300. It only guarantees that Yahoo will look at your site right away. It does not guarantee a listing. Also, they want the money every year. Just submit normally.

    On the Yahoo home page, lower left corner, there is a Web Site Directory. Use that to locate the category you want your site to be listed in.
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