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Thread: I hope someone on this site can help me with a JavaScript/HTML issue I'm having

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    I hope someone on this site can help me with a JavaScript/HTML issue I'm having

    I need someone's help, and Iím hoping you can provide it as soon as possible. Iíve been back and forth between Clickbank (an online retailer) and GoDaddy (my website provider) several times for a full week straight, if not longer. Neither has been able to resolve this issue for me. Maybe you can?

    Hereís the issue:

    I have three products that I want to sell through Clickbank. Iíve already spent a lot of time creating webpages for them. In order for Clickbank to approve my products on their site, their Clickbank trust badge must appear on all of these webpages.

    Unfortunately, Clickbank only provides JavaScript and these basic help instructions for me to get things set up the way they want them: https://support.clickbank.com/hc/en-...ommon%20Issues.

    Also unfortunately, GoDaddy has said their site doesn't use JavaScript and may not display it for me, and theyíve also told me they donít offer custom coding support.

    Iíve gone back and forth with both companies for a week or more, trying to figure out work-arounds that will resolve this issue. Neither company is budging on their stance. Both are saying thereís nothing they can do to help me and are then re-directing me back to the other company for resolution of the issue. Needless to say, I find both of their support teams very unsupportive.

    The only advice Clickbank support has given me (other than the above) is that I should give my JavaScript to a programmer and ask that programmer to convert it to HTML for me. So, here I am on this site hoping one of you can either do this conversion for me or direct me to some very beginner, very user-friendly instructions on how to do it for myself.

    Here's the script as I have it inside the Site-Wide Code portion of my GoDaddy website right now:

    (function() {
    var define = window.define;
    window.define = function(package) {
    if (package.HandlebarsEnvironment) {
    window.Handlebars = package;
    define.apply(this, arguments);
    }; })();
    <script src="//cbtb.clickbank.net/?vendor=ppgpublish"></script>

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    For some reason, part of my script was cut off on the bottom. It should read like this after the last </script>:
    <!-- ClickBank Trust Badge -->
    <script src='//cbtb.clickbank.net/?vendor=ppgpublish'></script>

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