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    Wireless Router


    I am looking to purchase a wireless router but need some advice. I was looking at some wireless routers at bestbuy.com and there are so many to pick from. I have a wireless router now which is about 8 years old and it does not work in my 3200 sq ft home. My old wireless router is sitting upstairs but it does not work when I am downstairs. Very weak signal.

    I am looking to spend around $100 or less for a wireless router. I live in a 3200 sq ft home and I need a wireless router that can work well for a 3200 sq ft home.

    Thanks for any advice!

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    An eight year old router is almost certainly a type 802.11G. If so, a modern 802.11N (or the up-coming 802.11AC) router will have much better range and throughout. However, given the size of the property, you may still need a wifi extender. I can't be specific because a lot depends upon the layout and construction of the property. All I can suggest is:

    a) Make sure you know whether you need a cable, fiber or dsl router (this depends upon the broadband services available in your area).

    b) Research the appropriate routers available in your country/area within your price band.

    c) If possible, try locating the router in different places in the house, to achieve the best coverage.

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    I would say something like this one:

    Set it up, adjust the antennas for better signal downstairs. May have to have to be about parallel to the floor.
    If i remember right , those are 3 dB antennas, replace them with 7dB or 9dB ones.

    Daughter has one and it slap goes through all the lead paint in her 1880's built house. Linksys had to have a 9dB antenna and signal was not nearly as strong . This is where the extra money may well be worth spending.

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    Thank you to you both for the great advice!

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    I would say that you would benefit from having a set of TP Link adaptors to extend your wireless network around your home, these kits vary based on the quantity you buy and what country you are in.

    Your existing router... does it support WPA (Wireless Protection Access), if not then you would need to consider an upgrade and when doing so, you could seek out a new router that includes TP Link wifi extenders as part of the upgrade.
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    Here's a list of the best wireless routers for 2017 https://www.cnet.com/topics/networki...rking-devices/

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    I can recommend the D-Link DIR 890L Tri-Band - in my opinion a very good router

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    If you are planning to buy a new router, I would suggest you to go for Net gear router (or) you can try signal booster with the same old router will.I hope it will work.

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