Hello Fellow Forum dwellers,

We want to create a "media company" helping startups with a good media presentation. One of these things is a website.
I am developer (php serverside) and made the first website, which took too long, cause its completely custom. Especially with future assignments if there needs to be a content manager I want to use a CMS instead. I have limited experience with Wordpress and Vbulletin.

Now I wonder what advice you people have for a CMS that can be quite easily adjusted with a design (we create our own designs) and is flexible enough to add different functionality (contactform, social implementations, ecommerce etc). Conclusively I am looking for a CMS that allows allows for low production time, preferably.

CMS I have looked into are:
Wordpress (sounds like the go to, but so much outdated(pricey) plugins?)
Joomla (Decent overall)
Drupal (Also decent and flexible but pretty steep learncurve)
Silverstripe (Looks very solid, but unsure of its capabilities and expandability)

Thanks in advance!