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Thread: how do i a chat room that carries peoples username over

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    how do i a chat room that carries peoples username over

    if anyone has a code for this then can you please give it too me
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    Again you'll probably need Java for this, you can find a few scripts like this over at www.hotscripts.com but I'm going to move the thread over to the "Other" scripting forum again.

    Generally, anything that requires interaction with the server (such as chat rooms and live camera feeds) cannot be done with client-side languages such as JavaScript.
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    You will need to teach yourself server-side programming. Any language could handle it, including Java, ASP, PHP, CGI.

    Theres lots of resources on the net. So just choose a language and do a google search. Make sure you search for a language tutorail and not a tutorial on writing a chat room.

    Its important you understand how a language works before your start writing code.

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