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Thread: Is jobcatching.com worth to develop?

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    Is jobcatching.com worth to develop?

    Hi. I'm new on this forum. Last time i registered over 20 domains and with some i starting do sth. What do you think about name jobcatching.com? Is it sounds good for English native speakers? I installed there wordpress, and maybe i'll make on this site blog about tips for job finding. What would you do if you had this of domain? Any suggests? Thanks, guys

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    Over 60 million hits in this search:

    Why do you think you can compete with those existing sites? What will make your site so special and unique that it will rank in anything close to the top 5000 returns (500 pages)?
    In dog beers I've only had one.

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    I don't want to compete with top. I'm aiming to low gaining, only small additions.
    What will be special? Nothing, i think. There is only possibility to compete by marketing.
    I don't invent "new wheel". But it's good domain name, i wonder, but for sure i asked English native speakers about opinion.
    I don't know about any part of internet where i can be first, everywhere are some developed sites with high rank. If inventing completely new category of website would be so easy i wouldn't asked about jobcatching.

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    But that's kind of the point. If you were to go to a bank and ask for a loan to develop your website you would be required to present a business plan. Other than creating a blog about job hunting tips (an already overloaded niche), you are "aiming low", and there's "nothing special", what makes you think you can make any money from this venture? What is your business plan?

    You see, "owning" a cool domain name means nothing until there's a cool, and profitable, website to go along with it. In fact, your domain name may be worth more than any website/blog you could ever attach to it. Something to think about.

    In a way you are correct, there is no *new* idea to put out there. So-called "fake news" recently enjoyed a bit of a boost, but The Onion was there long ago. How will you compete with the "Onions" of your niche? Marketing sounds good, but it's just a platitude. If no one visits your site marketing means nothing. And no one will visit without something special -- cool domain name not withstanding.

    Not trying to harsh on your buzz. Just trying to make you think about where you need to go.
    In dog beers I've only had one.

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    In truth, i more wondering to make on this site page with jobs postings more than blog with tips. Tips should be only on blog part, for content. Before i wasn't precise.
    If no one visits your site marketing means nothing.
    Marketing is for change it, for reaching to somebody.
    If i get some new and special to add on this site i'll do it but on beginning i'll be like next shop in city. Before were many this type shops, but with this new every shops are still functions. It only takes a piece of this big cake. For me, very small piece is enough. What's then? I'll think.
    Not trying to harsh on your buzz. Just trying to make you think about where you need to go.
    I unterstand, thanks for reply, it's better to get opinion about weak points than hear "every is perfect".

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