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Thread: My first site up.

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    May 2004

    Talking My first site up. {eddited}

    Ok, i'm pretty scared but come on in. Click Here

    I've done some edditing with all the sugestions that i got from you guys. I made the home page slideshow smaller and put the text around it so people wouldn't miss it, put my logo at the button of everypage (i'm planning to start my own develping business ) it'll be just for basic pages, but it might help me get some summer money I got rid of the frontpage form code, now it uses cgi-bin (see i learned ) i still used frontpage to uploadit so you'll still see the metatag from that software. I will soon migrate completely out of front page so people take me more serious. I'm also trying to get the disney image(desing by me , thanks to those that told me it was cool)animated with some flash, and the menu as well; but see, that is some hardcore learning (don't like swish)I'll get around it though.

    Please comment on my logo, and be tough on my page i need critique. It helps me to learn a lot.
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    Wisconsin, USA
    Hmmm... I actually like the starbursts, or whatever you'd call them, around the cursor. I usually hate that sort of stuff, but it might just be okay here since it fits the theme and isn't very intrusive. We'll see what other people have to say, though...

    One thing that bothers me is the placement of your text on the homepage. Unless you notice that the scroll bar shows that you're not at the bottom of the page (Which I was too busy paying attention to the fading pictures to notice- I'm easily amused like that ) someone might not realize there's text down there. I discovered it by accident. Maybe put it along side the picture or something like that?

    Another thing- the background color. You've got a light purple background with a darker blue banner. I'd suggest changing the background to a shade of blue (I've attached your page with the background changed to a blue) or maybe even a darker shade of purple. Some sort of pattern, something simple, might even help, but it depends on the pattern and a plain color gives a quicker loading time. I'm not sure.

    When I opened your source to mess with the background color, I discovered this happy line:

    <meta name="GENERATOR" content="Microsoft FrontPage 5.0">

    I myself aren't a big fan of FrontPage, and I applaud sites written in XHTML and CSS, so I have to suggest that you avoid FrontPage and if you don't already know XHTML and CSS learn 'em and code yourself, it makes things much cleaner and you'd have a better chance of getting your website to validate. But whatever works for you I guess

    It might also be better if your buttons, when you hover your mouse over them, had more of a color contrast.

    Well, I hope that wasn't too painful. This is my first time reveiwing a site on this forum and I'm not sure how they do things around here, maybe I'm being a bit too picky or not picky enough. Your site is pretty good overall, I've seen plenty worse, believe me Good Luck
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    "But Jesus looked at them and said, With men this is impossible, but all things are possible with God." -Matthew 19:26

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    Thanks a lot.

    I really like your review; believe me people are really expresive around here i've read the posts. I like frontpage but i don't really use only frontpage , i also use dreamweaver and i do some javascriping and html my self(believe me you can't really use frontpage without having to switch to html view). It's weird but i go back and force from FP and DreamW; just because front page has stuff like the forms and things like that, i have some knowledge of how to program those but not sufficient to actually do cgi scrips and mail the form results.

    (I've attached your page with the background changed to a blue)
    attached? don't know what your talking about. this is my mail though;
    metaxlog@yahoo.com send it there. I really couldn't find a color for it, and ended up with that one.

    I'm developing a new site and i'm using css (i think); i don't konw really i just read an article of how to work with templates from photoshop and do flowing backgrounds and that sord of things. I still use frontpage and dreamweaver though

    Thanks for the review. I'll see what i can do with the buttons and the text in the page. Even though you still have to scroll down to see the slide show; at least in my resolution.

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    Wisconsin, USA
    I've never tried attaching a file on any forums I've visited where I could, so I probably just messed that up. The background I was using was #333399, though there are probably other color combinations that are better, I didn't really look.

    I'm relieved to know you know some coding, like I said I'm not a big fan of people who make their sites just in a WYSIWYG editor and have no idea why their page displays that way

    I'm glad my advice was of some use to you.
    "But Jesus looked at them and said, With men this is impossible, but all things are possible with God." -Matthew 19:26

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    Warning: main(location.php): failed open stream
    1 dnt use front page it uses out of date technology.
    i hate that border around your pic on the first page
    i am not sure if the page will validate, i havnt checked but im betting it won't because it is made with frontpage.
    i would use flash for the picture transition effect. a program like swish is easy and will the job really good www.swishzone.com nd if u want to add a "patch" go to www.astalavista.box.sk *
    a good coder for websites is NamoWebeditor 6 www.namo.com
    also ur house looks cool lol if i eva visit disney land i mite borrow ur house

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    Validate? I've heard that before, but i have on idea of what that does or mean.

    About front page; well i'm going to have to quit, there's to much people that think i don't know html just 'cause i use front page The problem is that i don't know how to do cgi scripts and because of that i use front page 'cause it's real easy to do forms and have them mail you the info right to your inbox just by clicking around.

    Now, if you know any articles that could teach me how to send a form info to a mail address using basic cgi i'll be more than happy to learn. I mean, i already know how to make forms; just don't know how to get them to work funny. Thanks for the review thought.

    The border, well i don't know. I'll see what i can do.

    Thank you!!!

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    Warning: main(location.php): failed open stream
    this will explain what validation is http://validator.w3.org/docs/help.ht...idation_basics

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    This is a rather nice site. I like the color combo and the fireworks. (They are cute but non-intrusive.)

    [suggestion #1]
    I would suggest modifying the first page somewhat. The picture is huge and beautiful. And you have a great slide show affect.

    However, most casual web users don't scroll (unless they are in the middle of reading something interesting). To see that there was text there, I needed to scroll.

    Perhaps if you put the slide show to the left and the text on the right (or vice versa) they could be put together.

    [suggestion #2]
    If you take the top suggestion, you should shrink your images appropriately. This would reduce the amount of data sent to view your home page. I have cable, so its still pretty fast.

    I used a tool to analyze your site:

    According to this, if your user was using:
    1) a 33.6K modem it would take 18.36 seconds to download your home page
    2) a 56K modem it would take 11.73 seconds to download your home page

    3) 128K modem (dsl) 4.84 seconds
    4) a T1 line (faster than cable) at 1.44Mbps 2.06 seconds

    You have some awesome pictures and affects. Perhaps shrinking the images files to a smaller picture would benefit your site, and allow more impatient customers to view your site.

    Spiderweb Logic

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    That Disney image sure looks awfull nice. Brings one word to mind... copyrights!

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    Warning: main(location.php): failed open stream
    Originally posted by philaweb

    That Disney image sure looks awfull nice. Brings one word to mind... copyrights!
    lol it dsnt look like a disney image, looks like somthing done quickly in photoshop. i think a disney one would look betta
    4) a T1 line (faster than cable) at 1.44Mbps 2.06 seconds
    thats slow!

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    Thumbs up COOL!!!

    Thanks everyone, i will shrink the images so the text would be higher up. Also i'm starting my little developing business, so i'll be putting my logo at the end of the page. I would do this probably later today, i would appreciate feedback on my "powered by:" logo after i put it up. Other comments are also welcome .


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    Warning: main(location.php): failed open stream
    yea logo looks good

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    thanks robert, i did take your advise and the site looks way better now.

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    Warning: main(location.php): failed open stream
    http://intensivstation.ch/css/template.php layout using css good for you to learn and change those colours

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