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Thread: Taming HTML files generated by Excel

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    Taming HTML files generated by Excel

    I want to add horizontal row highlighting to the html table generated by Excel. I wonder if this is possible in the KNOWN UNIVERSE of human knowledge? Sometimes I think we have reached the edge with the Excel output). Please take a look and let me know if it is possible to replicate the highlighting shown on the good.html file BUT PRESERVING THE ORIGINAL LAYOUT OF EXCEL GENERATED HTML.

    here is the more or less good one: jsfiddle.net/1q7yqbdc
    and here is the originally exported html file from excel: jsfiddle.net/h5e6kjwa/1

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    Hi daverich777,
    Format Your "Excel" appropriate Cells"/"Columns" to the desired and then "Save as ..." (*.html)
    Excel ... is an priority-environmental animal [coded] unto about-it[MicroSoft]self ... Every[thing] has its benefit in some form or fashion. The coding(s) that mimic in a WYSIWYG Application/Program Generated HTML should code-to the presentation on the display screen of the "Excel". In uSoft Excel one should/would expect the "Save as .." Function to allow for the saving to be able to "Save as ..." "Type": ]Web Page (*.htm, *.html).
    Once created, now, just appropriately incorporate the saved (new) WYSIWYG Codings into the document(s) you wish applicature to occur.
    If your web is based on other uSoft tendencies you may desire to open your Word up and incorporate the Excel into the [I'm assuming your base web page is of uSoft Origin as well here] Word document (That I'm assuming your web page is created [from]in) and, then, once situated in the Word presentation, "Turn The Word" document into your HTML Web Page that now contains the Excel as WYSIWYG Word's HTML Generation should have the adaptive fit in publication display.
    If you don't have the Master "Excel" file you would have to create a CSS "Class" or "ID" in the webpage's "head" section (preferable creating the In-Page CSS Styling just before the Closing Tag of the "head" section). In this CSS Styling section place the appropriate "alt" class/id for appropriate high-lighting scheme(s). Once, then, that occurs one needs to go throughout the code to identifiy individually all the desired to be highlight and place a
    "altred" where appropriate highlighting is desired. An example below (accomplished) with the use of
    	<span class="altred">35</span>
    Hope this helps you out.
    - Douglas

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    Or save it as a CSV file, then use the the programming language you prefer to read it and output it the way you want, instead of the way Excel wants.
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