I know what is causing a lot of this is the off-shore developers, which we have three, but they are always in native english speaking countries.

Lately in various markets of the U.S. such as Vegas where I live and South Florida where I have another account rep/manager. We have been getting clients get the quote ok with it. Then insist on it being all done onsite, I say we are setup to better do it at our offices etc, your going to have to pay expenses etc. I am glad to do local meetings to go over all of what is needed, but development is something that we keep in house. I then explain to the client the price is going up by 50-75% they squeal and insist on going with the original quote.

What brings this up is I just had a BBB complaint filed and we won it but still it sucks, when we quote we go over the process. This guy is threatening to file on us over at a bunch of consumer complaint sites that are around that we will quote and then go up.

What does everyone do in this situation?

I used to have a decent sized datacenter/consulting firm but right now I only have 15 employees and we are seeing this more and more.

Thanks OH