I’ve put together a series of demonstrations on how to integrate Angular 2 with ASP.Net Core. I call it “Angular2.Net”. Each demo is about 10 minutes, and each one is self-contained.

I found that there were many obstacles to streamline the process in order to be able to quickly develop a web app with Angular 2. But, I have overcome all the obstacle. Pity that there isn’t more resources explaining how to overcome these obstacles.

In this series we will explore techniques for integrating the front-end of a web application with the back-end web services. This specific series will showcase the integration of Angular 2 with ASP.Net core. The next series will showcase Angular 2 with Node. However these techniques are not limited to Angular 2.

I chose the Angular 2 framework because it is quickly gaining popularity and at this time, it is one of the newest frameworks. Both Angular 2 and ASP.Net Core are open source and run on all platforms.

Topic List
• How to use Node Module from within wwwroot without the need to copy
• Why do you need a Debug build and a Release build
• Why do we need 2 different index.html files and how to launch the app seamlessly
• Software switches can make development quicker
• Tricks to reload the application automatically without SignalR or jQuery
• Why separate framework code from application code
• Debugging TypeScript from within Visual Studio
• How to abstract development setting or connection string using the appsettings.json
• Tricks that you can do with Visual Studio debugger that you can’t do in Developers Tools
• Automatically opening Google Chrome Developers Tools when application is launching
• Automatically clearing cache on Google Chrome when application is launched
• Why you should consider using Microsoft Edge for development
• How to use Performance markers in Microsoft Edge
• How to access your application services within Gulp
• How to use .tfignore and keeping JavaScript out of source control
• Why “Edit” your workspace for “Location: Server”
• The easiest way to debug a gulp task in the gulpfile.js
• Passing Exception detail back to the client
• How to automatically incrementing assembly version

Please contact me to schedule a demonstration: angular2.developer@promatrixinc.com