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Thread: Help me about SEO methods or Technique now a days !!

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    Help me about SEO methods or Technique now a days !!

    Hi all !! Some body help me about SEO methods or Technique now a days !! Actually we work continiuos multiple SEO work like- blogging, forum, directory, social bookmarking, slide, video. image, profile creation and community submission..but our sites not getting good ranking so what i do more.

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    First of all design the user friendly and attractive website. Then, you can do On page optimization follow up by google algorithm. Once Completed On page optimization there after start off page SEO technique.

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    Social Media Marketing
    Press Release Submission
    Infographic submission
    PDF sharing

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    This question is too vague to answer without knowing far more about your site and the SEO you have already done. Basically the answer could be as simple as the site is not visually attractive, or the content is boring? Or the SEO you have done is flawed in some respect? Or you could be expecting the impossible. E.g. The rating algorithms favor established sites. So, if your competitors are on-the-ball, a new site is unlikely to fare well against them. Except, perhaps, by organic growth. But that takes time...

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    Seo depends on your website, it depends on both the on page and offpage. Basically there are two techniques of SEO one is White Hat SEO and the other one is Black Hat SEO. Seo includes blog commenting, form submitting, infographic image sharing etc.

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    Podcast Submission
    Infographic Submission
    Are the latest trend in SEO.

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    Choose a user friendly website theme and post unique and fresh content first. After that you can use several ways for off-page seo like ad-posting, article submission, blog comments and contribution in forums etc.

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    Firstly you should concentrate on ON-page SEO like website's title, meta keywords, meta description, robot.txt file, Url structure etc. Then move to Off page optimization processes.

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    As I know that SEO techniques have 2 parts, that are:
    1. On page SEO
    2. Off page SEO

    With Off page SEO, we have many ways to do, and here i know some ways as listed below
    1. Forum Post.
    2. Directory Submission.
    3. Article submission (Articles needs to provide)
    4. Web 2.0 (Articles needs to provide)
    5. Social Bookmarking
    6. Search engine submit lac
    7. Blog Comment
    8. Ping
    9. Wiki links
    10. Guest Posting
    11. Classified Posting etc

    On-Page Search Engine Optimisation
    1. Page Titles
    2. Meta Descriptions
    3. Meta Tags
    4. URL Structure
    5. Body Tags (H1, H2, H3, H4, etc.)
    6. Keyword Density
    7. Image SEO
    8. Internal Linking

    I hope this helps.

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    Essentially the appropriate response could be as straightforward as the site is not outwardly appealing, or the substance is exhausting? Or, then again the SEO you have done is imperfect in some regard? Or, on the other hand you could expect the incomprehensible. E.g. The rating calculations support set up locales. Thus, if your rivals are on-the-ball, another site is probably not going to admission well against them. But, maybe, by natural development

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