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Thread: Sitemap creation and submission

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    Sitemap creation and submission

    Guys please explain any web helpers for sitemap creation and submission?

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    XML sitemap is very important for google indexing and ranking. Sitemap creation and submitting to webmaster tools, search engine bots crawling, caching and Indexing in your web pages.

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    I agree with posts 13 and 14

    Top left see the Google Custom search
    Sitemap in it let me find that thread in just a couple seconds.

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    You create a sitemap by using 3rd party tools. If the website has more than 50,000 url's, it's difficult to do. You need to submit the sitemap in webmasters tool.

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    1. Use plugin Like Yoast SEO
    2. Go to the option of plugin and create sitemap
    3. Create your Google Webmasters Tools Account
    4. Activate/ authenticate your website in Google Webmaster Tools
    5. Go to Google WT ---> Sitemap----> add sitemap---> type sitemap.xml
    6. Waiting time up to 2 weeks (usually 3 days)

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    XML site map is important for indexing and ranking. sitemap creation and submission to google web master tools, crawling and indexing in our web pages.

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    Sitemap is tree like representation of important pages of a site. There are two types of sitemaps, which we use for different purposes. One is for search engine and another for users.

    XML Sitemap for search engine

    We use xml sitemap for search engine. We can create xml sitemap by online site i.e. www.xml-sitemaps.com . This tool is free to use and create an xml sitemap upto 500 pages.

    Note: Must submit your sitemap to Google, Yahoo and MSN

    HTML Sitemap for users

    This type of sitemaps helps the visitor to know about the pages of site. In this sitemap we create tree like representation of all important pages. For making such sitemap you should be knowledgeable about HTML.

    Note: It is a good idea to link that sitemap with your homepage.

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    There're many ways to create site map. Usually if your website based on Wordpress platform, you can use the plugin called Google Sitemap Generate or Yoast SEO plugin to help creating sitemap. Otherway, if your website is based on PHP or another platform, you need to create manually by using this website https://www.xml-sitemaps.com/. Just enter your website on that website and create.

    I hope this helps.

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    1. Decide which pages on your site should be crawled by Google, and determine the canonical version of each page.
    2. Decide which sitemap format you want to use. You can create your sitemap manually or choose from a number of third-party tools to generate your sitemap for you.
    3. Test your sitemap using the Search Console Sitemaps testing tool.
    4. Make your sitemap available to Google by adding it to your robots.txt file and submitting it to Search Console.

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