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Thread: mobile website design question

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    mobile website design question

    I am trying to create a web page for viewing on mobile browsers. It consists of a <div> that is 423 pixels wide, with nothing else on the page so the mobile browser should just show the 423 pixels of the <div> but instead showing over 1000 pixels to the right as if it is a desktop site. How do I get the site to display only the area in which I have created content for viewing on a mobile browser? Here is an example of the content that I would like displayed on a mobile browser and have it take up the full screen (horizontally) without having to zoom in. I've tried looking around for more technical information on getting my pages to display properly on a mobile browser but it is not easy to find. Any thoughts or advice is appreciated.

    please take a look at an example page with a <div> on it and see what happens on a mobile browser if you wish to get an idea of what I'm talking about.


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    Hmm, hard to pin down the problem, as your link opens up a blank white page on my end and no source data.

    Could it be that another element is stretching the page or to put it another way, "not responsive" ??

    Are you using any viewport meta tags and is all of your containers percentage based or fixed width?

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    That is all you have uploaded.

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    how to develop iPhone, iPad and Android apps using technologies like Xcode, Objective C, Java, and Cocoa Touch framework??

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