For an upcoming personal project, I need to create a website that has a server built using Java. I assume that there will also need to be a MySQL server, but as one with almost no IT (or server development) experience, I don't really know what that's for. I just know every website I've seen uses one.

It is out of the question for me to get a static IP address and host the website myself, so I will have to host through some other company, ideally for under $20 a month but for the purposes of this post cost doesn't matter. Will hosting companies such as Siteground allow me to create a custom Java server and integrate parts of that with the website? I need the server to be able to compile some images it gets from other computers and display it in a window on the website. It also needs to be able to write and read from the website's database. Or, instead, do the Java and MySQL elements act as one server that just happens to be developed in two different languages?

Thank you!