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Thread: New WordPress site looks great on desktop, BLANK on mobile with any theme

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    New WordPress site looks great on desktop, BLANK on mobile with any theme

    Our new site http://www.theindigoclinic.com/ looks excellent on desktop, However it gives a completely BLANK screen on mobile. This occurs no matter the theme chosen, or if we deactivate all plugins. I have tried both an Android and a Windows Phone.

    A colleague informed me the site appears to load without issue on an iPhone

    On the windows phone, if I got into "tab" minature view I can see the site rednering properly.

    Again, all works great on desktop however is not visible on mobile.

    Thank you so much in advance!

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    HTML errors

    CSS Errors (60) Warnings (858)

    Takes 6 seconds to open, that is 3 seconds to long.

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    You need to hire a web design for your website so he/she can make some changes in your website CSS to make it mobile friendly, after this your website will render well on all devices.
    I can do this for you as well.

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