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Thread: branded SEM strategy?

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    branded SEM strategy?

    Our company already ranks first organically for our main brand keyword. Does it make sense to have a branded SEM strategy? If so, what would you propose we do?

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    Some important strategies to ensure your search engine marketing (SEM)

    1. Get Indexed With the Top Three Search Engines
    2. Get Your Keywords Right for Paid Search
    3. Manage Your Copy for Natural Search
    4. Send Them to the Right Landing Page
    5. Know Your Customers and How They Search
    6. Use Comparison Shopping Sites

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    If your want to build the brand for your business website. Then, you can do SEM display network advertising. It will create brand awareness for your business.

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    Thanks for the information. We have already made some discussion with Demand Wave but we are still weighing our options if we really need their service in the first place. The cost is definitely an issue.

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