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Thread: Need help !!!

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    Need help !!!

    Hey everyone.

    Really need some guidance on where to start building a website with an interactive quote calculator that gives customers estimates.

    I'm making a website and I seriously need help. I really want to some guidance on where to start making my own website. I know c++ but I am completely new to html and
    I need to make a mileage calculator. That asks customers to input
    an amount of miles they want their vehicle transported and it
    gives them a quote and or estimate of how much that will cost.
    Currently, I do not know anything abut HTML or CSS. Would love
    it if someone could show me a start to or a little template I
    could build or a website/ program I could use to build this kind of calculator.

    How the calculator works ...

    Asks the user what kind of vehicle they have; make, model and year, as well possible extra mods or dimensions in a side comment.

    Asks them where they want their vehicle delivered to and from where. Something like enters a postal code of the start and the destination.

    The calculator works by calculating the miles between those destinations and inputs this formula... (If the total amount of miles is about 1,500 miles then the cost to transport the vehicle is $0.50 per mile. If the total amount of miles is below 1,500 miles the calculator charges $0.70 per mile. The minimum we take for payment is $500).

    Thanks, would appreciate some guidance, I hope I came to ask in the right place.

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    hi there! have you already done anything? I mean can you show the website to see how does it look like and where and how you would like to integrate that calculator? I've worked with web development company **Links removed by Site Staff so it doesn't look like you're spamming us. Please don't post them again.** and we had an awesome result. You can make the basic stuff and for the rest you could ask some professionals to help you (to save some money)
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    I don't have much experience as I've been learning web design for only two years, but have you tried adding ui kits? They provide a set of elements that can help you create the unique design. They also include calculators. Personally I used web elements collection from https://www.templatemonster.com/ui-kits.php. Maybe you can find what you need there. I hope it will help you!

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    Why not do Internet search and find a site that does what you want. Then you have a good starting place. The look and feel of this page appears to suit your needs a bit: https://www.cardonationwizard.com/ha...community.html

    First you determine your server, then you know if Windows world or Linux world.
    That determines your database. Then you simply put together a draft of the technologies you will need to fulfill your needs.

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