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Thread: XML Attributes in XSD: Either, Neither, but not both

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    XML Attributes in XSD: Either, Neither, but not both

    So, here's something I've been trying to set up in XSD: the following code is green when valid, red when not.

    <Picture id="PicId"></Picture>
    <Picture id="PicId" series="SeriesID"></Picture>
    <Picture id="PicId" set="SetID"></Picture>
    <Picture id="PicId" series="SeriesID" set="SetID"></Picture>
    The pictures in question can be part of a series (to be viewed in a specific order), part of a set (to be viewed in any order), stand-alone images, but NOT part of a series AND set. How would you do this?

    Or do I need to simply throw in a personal warning via PHP (which parses the XML)?
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