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Thread: Which Server-Side Technology is the best?

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    Which Server-Side Technology is the best?

    I want to know you opinion about the server side scripting languages (or technologies) are the best in terms of better job and salary opportunity? I am basically concerned with PHP and Microsoft's ASP.NET

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    If you want a job with a Fortune 500 company, Java or C#/.NET, probably.

    If you're looking more at start-ups and smallish dot.coms, it's pretty much all over the place. PHP is always around, but Ruby/Rails devs probably make more money -- if they're good. NodeJS is gaining a lot of traction lately, but no idea how pay compares. Python is big if you get more into the data analysis side of things, but not so much for typical web site development.

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    Let's try Ruby or Python. Both of them is so powerful in term of server-side language.

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    You can use dynamic languages include Ruby, Python, PHP and JavaScript, its use as a server-side language through Node.js. Statically typed languages like Java, C and C++ are the most popular languages in CS programs.

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