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Thread: something can help for database

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    something can help for database

    I like to use MS SQL Server 2012, but today it has let me down: burgof342.mdf is not a primary database file. I opened database again, but the error remained. Is there a method to restore data from mdf file?

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    Data in .mdf files are stored as pages with each page occupying 8 KB size. The first page of the .mdf file is referred as the header page containing crucial database information like file signature, size of the file, compatibility, etc. The actual data is stored in the rest of the pages.

    In case the header page or other page is not recognized by the SQL Server, the entire .mdf file is not considered as a valid file.

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    Not only variant with using SQL Server Management Studio can be unique for invalid database, and moreover it could be https://www.restoretools.com/sqlserverrestore.html software was developed for unusual cases of corruption and is easy of access

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