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Thread: how to build textarea with formatting controls?

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    Question how to build textarea with formatting controls?

    hello Developers.
    im work on meteor project ( Rocket Chat ) Developer Version
    and the default text input box for Messages very standard
    i want convert ( bold _italic_etc..) shortcode to buttons
    bcs if i want to text with bold font ...must write like that ( *text msg* ) the stars is my short code for bold button and this for all codes as example

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    Textarea problem, I need help

    Please helps needed here, I code a website using a html5 in my notepad and I move it to my hosting server. Now my problems now is how to code the remaining one using a textarea which someone can post on the site texbox.
    Now the code I need now is after building a textarea for post,
    which code can I use to send the post to my home page

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