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Thread: Other forms of paid SEM

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    Other forms of paid SEM

    I know that Pay Per Click or PPC is the most common form of paid SEM, wherein you only pay for the ad when someone actually clicks on it. What other forms of paid SEM would you suggest that we use to mix with PPC?
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    There are some other forms you can interest such as:
    + Paid search ads
    + Paid search advertising
    + CPC (cost-per-click)
    + CPM (cost-per-thousand impressions)
    Good Luck!
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    You can find helpful tips to get started with PPC ads on the major search marketing platforms below:

    Google: AdWords
    Bing Ads
    Yahoo: Search Ads

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    There are

    Paid advertising
    CPC(Cost per click)
    CPM(Cost per thousand impression)
    CPA(Cost per acquisition or Cost per action)
    Facebook advertising
    Linkedin Advertising ect...
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    “Closing due to large number of replies”
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