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Thread: Bad signal

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    Bad signal

    Hi everyone!
    I have a bad wifi signal at home, what can I do?

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    Try to find some information in the internet. For example, there are some options: if your router has external antennas, orient them vertically to bump up coverage or adding an external one would be a good idea.

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    Easy way to fix it is to buy a signal booster. I had really bad signal at work, nothing helped. That's why I bought a signal booster and I don't have any problems with signal now. It works and has no problems with installation and, of course, it's safe for human.

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    Hi, can you provide more specific information:
    1. The speed of your internet package?
    2. How fast is your internet access speed?
    3. What type of wireless modem do you use, what is the maximum speed
    4. Did you try to check whether the network cable is plugged into the computer?
    Maybe your wifi is not good or your internet connection has a problem. You should call the technical department for repair.

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    Here are the 10 main reasons why you get a bad signal on you phone:
    1. The wrong phone
    2. Too many apps
    3. Free apps
    4. Open apps
    5. Too many friends on Facebook or a few really active friends
    6. Your operating system
    7. A Samsung Galaxy S3 is not a Samsung Galaxy S3
    8. Rush hour
    9. Train travel
    10. Telecom service provider

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    Depends, most WiFi at home has enough range, usually any device within 100 meters can pick up a signal, the power of the signal degrades when going through the walls of differing density so that you will have black spots in your home.

    First thing to try is a router reboot, switch off for a minute, power up and see what happens.

    If there is no improvement then move the router to a more central location with the least blockage in the signal path.

    If that does not improve, invest in a set of WiFi extenders that plug in to your mains sockets that give WiFi via and Internet extender via your home electrical sockets like the TP Link type of networking hardware.

    And another reason for a poor signal is more to do with one of the following...

    a) Your Neighbour is using your WiFi signal and it is bottlenecking the router.
    b) Your Neighbours WiFi signal is on the same channel and causing signal loss, try changing the router channel, suggest you read the vendors site for details on how to reconfigure your network.
    c) devices with a high EMF/RF output is interfering with your signal, relocate the router away from this, typical sources are TV sets, Satellite & Cable boxes.

    So take your pick and good luck.
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    You can contact your wifi provider via your phone, They will give correct answers and help you to fix them.

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