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    Hi all,

    I have been asked by a shop owner to take a look at his web site at http://www.spellowhouse.com

    He is complaining that he has submitted the site to loads of search engines, but all that ever appears is the first page. Try to search for any of the other pages, and they are not on the engines. In particular, he is interested in google.

    Alas I am no expert myself, so am at a loss as to what to suggest.

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    I didn't even get the home page on Google. When did he submit the site? It can take quite awhile to get listed. Yahoo does list a couple of other pages, depending on whether or not you seperate spellow & house.
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    Oh, it's there ok, but unless you type in exactly the right string, it won't find it at all.
    Try typing in "spellow house ornaments"

    Far as I know it's only been there a short while ( the owner has been complaining about the time it took to get there!).

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    Google has a mind of it's own, but overall I think it's a combination of:

    -Backlinking to same industry websites. (forums are great)
    -Making sure your website is search engine optimized. (meta tags, keywords, keyword density, titles, headlines, alt tags, etc.)

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