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Thread: Display videos and pics into the same frame

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    Display videos and pics into the same frame

    Hi guys!

    I'm newbie in web development and I was wondering if is there a way to display videos and images into the same frame. My idea is to create a multimedia gallery with photos and videos on the right side and display all those contents in a bigger format on the left side.

    I would really appreciate any help!
    Thanks in advance!

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    You can have links as thumbnails to your multimedia content on the right and then display the actual multimedia content on the left. I wouldn't load all the multimedia content on the right side, all at once... performance would suffer.

    You would need both client side and server side scripting for this. CSS of course, Javascript for the UI and ajax if you want no page reloads, along with php for the data and processing. Store the info about the multimedia content in a database and query it using php.

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