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Thread: SQL Amateur- Call, Edit, Add New, specific tables

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    SQL Amateur- Call, Edit, Add New, specific tables

    I have a SQL database with numerous tables linked to my site to generate its content. My next move forward is to create a web-based interface to have direct interactions over these tables. In theory, I would like 1 routine to call and display a table via an AutoPostBack Dropdown List and routines for Edit, Update, Delete, and Add New. The routine themselves are somewhat easy to implement, however, how can you enable the code to intelligently detect the current ACTIVE table and Edit, Update, Delete, and Add New to the current Table? Along the same lines how do you automatically display a table based on a dropdown selection WITHOUT using long-winded code such as Select Cases or If and Then statements combined with Response.Redirect and Querystrings as this was the only solution I have found and may have overlooked the obvious during my 'research'. Any assistance with concepts or actual code will be greatly appreciated!

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    Store the table names in the dropdown. Plug the selected value from the dropdown into a querystring where the table name should go. No IFs ANDs or ORs

    Obviously, you'll want tight security on the page.

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    I tried that method but using an ASP derived variable (converted to String) simply DOES NOT work even when the resultant is the exact same...

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