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Thread: A way to show how much money we collected with javascript

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    Exclamation A way to show how much money we collected with javascript


    I really cant find the right words for the script im looking for.
    But I am going to try and explaine what Im looking for.....

    When you enter my webpage I would like to show much money we have raised with our crowdfuncing.
    Webpage? Yeah, its local and one time only.

    So, what I thought was next:

    You see a lot of numbers counting down quickly. Pretty fast, so fast, that you cant even see the numbers. BUT THEN!
    Then it reveals one by one (starting with ....,.0 then ....,20 then ...2,20 until) the total amount of money we have raised.
    While the numbers ar spinning, you hear the drums....... And the snare when it reveals a number.......

    But I really dont know how to search for the way of kinda counting down I want.
    I just cant find the right words. Not in Dutch (where im from) or in English.

    Is there anybody, who knows what I mean and can you please guide me in the right direction????

    Kind regards!!! And looking forward to the answer Im looking for

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    You will have to use php or some other server side product to read a file that is subject to change and pass its current value to a website. I assume it would be something like a hit counter but without the code to change its value.

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