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    Question What to do?

    Good day to everyone!

    I am a middle full-stack web developer. I think, that in projects bigger than blog/landing page there should be explicit division between developers (who will be responsible for front-end/back-end). I have a good enough work experience on the back-end (PHP, Yii, Symfony, Wordpress, SQL), and also an experience in front-end, in particular i am working with AngularJS 1 for 1 year. For the last time, i started to notice a huge amount of job proposals for MEAN/Angular2/React dev and so on, where the main language is js (typescript in case of angular 2). Also, i saw charts where the popularity of front-end/mean way increased a lot. The question: in your opinion, should you "bet" on javascript and "dive deep" in the front-end/mean world? Or the increased popularity of the js is just a hype/temporarily phenomenon which has no stable future?

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    This is not a request for help, this post should be in the lounge IMHO.
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    js hype isn't temporary, I think too many years have gone by since "js everything" movement started to consider it a hype, even though I very much disagree using js for large server side apps.

    It's never, never, ever a mistake to invest in the front end world, or even the js world (this includes learning pure javascript, jquery, angular, react, you name it).
    It's ubiquitous because it's the only real client side language. So, it doesn't necessarily mean that you need to bound yourself to MEAN stacks. That's the idea of stacks, you should be able to replace any letter of the acronym with a technology of your choice. That you don't have to buy an engagement ring for any of them.

    So, invest on the js front end side, that's a no brainer. On the other hand, if you want to do a MEAN stack, go for it, it's very popular. You can always learn something like postgresql instead of mongo. And you can learn Java or ASP.NET for the server side language.

    Any of these choices will be more than ok.

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