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Thread: mysql not working with php

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thrallix View Post
    Apache is default 80, that's probably why you're facing issues.
    I've changed Apache's default port to 81 in httpd.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bolelove View Post
    I had a similar issue and once I removed Skype, it worked. Do you have skype?
    Yes I have Skype installed and I use it quite often. I'll give that a go and I'll report back!

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    I would love to suggest you consult with an expert about the errors.


    Quote Originally Posted by evo4ever View Post
    I currently run two servers, Tomcat and regular Apache. Java/Tomcat works perfectly with mysql. As seen here: Tomcat

    However if I try to run mysql on my normal apache server which is located here: Apache I get an error which you will see when u visit the link. Help much appreciated!

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    Skype port 80 would be the issue if you were having this issue on your local machine or if you have skype installed on the external server. If that's not the issue, maybe a firewall is blocking port 3360 used by mysql, on your apache server, do you have a firewall on your apache server? If so you may have to manually config a rule to allow access to port 3306. Check your firewall rules.

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