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Thread: Creating Custom Website

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    Question Creating Custom Website

    I'm a hobbyist programmer of sorts (primarily work on indie games and custom engine development).

    I've been flirting with HTML,CSS, PHP , MySQL off and on for the past 7-8 years.
    I finally decided to make a couple of websites, both for fun and potentially profit.
    That being said, I would simply like to know what languages I would need to become proficient in , in order to produce the types of websites I am interested in making.

    1) **NSFW** chaturbate
    2) Fubar (an online bar of sorts)

    I realize there's much more to these languages than html and css and I'm not asking for any assistance in completing the work (I'm pretty confident I can teach myself), I just need to know what to learn about specifically--thanks.

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    The best language to use is often the one you know best....

    If you are going to be accessing data, then you'll need a database (you referenced MySQL). You'll also need a more dynamic language to manipulate the markup on your page to build the interactivity. There are a variety of options that will all get you there. This includes the PHP you mentioned or an alternative of ASP.NET if you want to lean towards a Microsoft solution. The things I recommend you start with (if you don't find a package like WordPress that might do a lot for you) is to start with HTML and CSS so that you know what those do for you. I'd then suggest working with JavaScript and some of the JavaScript Frameworks such as React or AngularJS. They should take you the next step.

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    If you choose to build it more or less from scratch, most of it can probably be done with the languages you mentioned. JavaScript is the only thing missing, and that can be somewhat optional -- but odds are you'll have at least some for "eye candy" effects and such, and it may be needed for things like chat applications -- or you could get all single-page-app about it and use AngularJS or whatever. There is no single "right" way to do it. My main recommendation is to break it up into discrete, modular functionalities that you can implement separately; then iteratively build it one module at a time, versus a "big bang" approach.
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