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Thread: My notebook is shutting down

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    My notebook is shutting down

    Hi, I have an issue with my notebook. It switches off suddenly and I cannot find why. First, I thought the cooler is the problem but I do the clean every 3 months. Than I thought maybe something broke up. I took it to the service, they checked and said nothing was wrong. Did anybody face such issue? Thanks!

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    In the Seattle area, I had to clean them every 3 weeks. No choice!!! Several times over the years I had to do it every 2 weeks.

    I have a old Compaq laptop that the fans works great until the bearing heats up and stops turning. That is when that thing shuts down. My old lap cooler keeps it cool enough that I can install a operating system.

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    I will try to change the cooler than...I hope it helps...

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