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Thread: How to purchase a domain name safely from another individual?

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    How to purchase a domain name safely from another individual?

    The domain I want is registered by someone else and I contacted them through their email address I got on who.is

    We agreed a price of GBP 5,000.

    I live in a different country than the current owner.

    How do you recommend I proceed with buying this domain to minimize the risk that I get scammed?

    Thank You.

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    I'm a domain trader and the safest way is to use an escrow service, they charge around 3%. Alternatively, you can buy it through one of the big marketplaces,(sedo, godaddy, afternic) if it's listed there. Paypal should be ok for amounts up to a few hundreds.

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    Ask him to put it on ebay they will protect you in a case of a scam

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    You have to be very careful when buying a domain name. Make sure you do a research about the selling platform first. Even though no one can guarantee your safety, I would suggest big domain selling platforms, such as Sedo, Godaddy, Afternic, Flippa, etc.

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